Landwise Third Annual Workshop

Date: 9th June 2021 Location: Online

Thank you for attending the Landwise 3rd Annual Workshop 2021.  

Links to the presentations and posters presented at the event are detailed below.


Jo Clark (University of Reading) – Overview of Landwise project and highlights so far

Samantha Broadmeadow (Forestry Commission) – Comparing mapping NFM opportunity from soil data; comparing technical and farmer knowledge.

Chris Short/Charlotte Chivers (University of Gloucestershire) – Farmer knowledge of soil and land management.

Emily Trill (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology) – Impacts of land use and management on soil properties and flood risk; evidence from the broad scale survey.

Posters and Exhibitions Presented on Gather.Town


NFM Programme Website

NFM Programme Webinar

Protect-NFM Film

Alison Love, Environment Agency – Urban river restoration project with NFM benefits on the Salt Hill Stream, Slough

Kay Lacey, Pang Valley Flood Forum (PVFF) – Our Defra NFM pilot project in the lower Pang valley

Harriet Fraser, Somewhere-Nowhere

Jon Hollis, Environment Agency – EA’s NFM Programme


Katharina Bauer, South East Rivers Trust – PROWATER – Protecting and restoring water resources through actions at the landscape scale

Anne Verhoef, University of Reading – An overview of the hydrological models used in Landwise for the simulation of the effects of land based NFM measures  

Richard Gantlett, Yatesbury House Farm – Soilutions

Elinor Sherlock, FWAG – Natural flood management in the Upper Coln

Elaine Halliday, University of Reading – Impact of groundwater abstraction and woodland management on groundwater fed wetlands

John Robotham, CEH – Monitoring the effects of natural flood management on water quality in the Evenlode catchment

Sarah Collins, BGS – Groundwater flooding in the river Pang catchment

Will Maslanka, University of Reading – Surface soil moisture from space

Erica Bower, University of Reading – Soil protein as an indicator of carbon storage and ‘soil health’

Gabby Powell, University of Reading – Evaluating leaky barriers created through a Defra community natural flood management (NFM) grant

Nerea Fernando, University of Reading – Citizen science for tree and soil health in urban areas

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