Landwise 2nd Annual Event 2020

Date: 20th February 2020

Location: Culham Science Centre,  Abingdon, OX14 3DB

Thank you for attending the Landwise 2nd Annual Event 2020.  

Links to the presentations and posters presented at the event are detailed below.


Morning session 1: Using local knowledge for NFM

Prof Joanna Clark (UoR), Welcome and overview of Landwise project

Dr Angie Elwin (UoR), Creating NFM scenarios through participatory workshops

Chris Short (UoG), Farmer knowledge to inform NFM

Morning session 2: Using technical knowledge for NFM

James Blake (CEH), Preliminary results from the broad scale survey

David Macdonald (BGS), Modelling NFM in catchments

Will Maslanka (UoR), Using remote sensing data from satellites and field work to inform NFM

Afternoon session: NFM delivery and new Environmental Land Management Schemes  

Joanne Leigh (FWAG), Local Delivery and new ELM Pilot in the Upper Thames

Adella Buckland (EA), Engaging the experts in the field – working positively with farmers to identify opportunities for NFM on their land

Posters from the Landwise team and partners.

PhD Poster – Elaine Halliday et al. Impact of groundwater abstraction and forest management on Greywell Fen.

PhD Poster – Gabby Powell et al. Evaluating the multiple functions of woodlands for natural flood management: Leaky barriers in Englefield.

PhD Poster – John Robotham et al.  Monitoring the effects of Natural Flood Management on water quality in the Evenlode Catchment

Partner Poster – James Bishop et al.  – Quantifying the effectiveness of a lowland Natural Flood Management scheme

PhD Poster – Qasiar Ali et al.  – Natural Flood Management (NFM) strategies and agricultural production: a meta-modelling approach

WP2 Field Data – James Blake et al. – WP2: Field Data Collection

WP4 Modelling – David Macdonald et al. – Groundwater Flooding in the Pang Catchment

WP4 Modelling – Steve Rose, et al. – NFM modelling in the Bourne catchment  

WP4 Modelling – Maleki Badjana et al. – Assessing a modelling framework for the simulation of the effects of natural flood management measures.

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