Flooding in the pang valley: past, present and future

On Saturday March 16th 2019, the Pang Valley Flood Forum and Landwise project team are jointly holding a drop-in event on ‘Flooding in the Pang Valley: Past, Present and Future’ at the Pangbourne Village Hall, Pangbourne. This is a free event open to all.

Please come along and find out about the steps that have been taken since the previous floods; learn about the new projects which aim to reduce future flooding risk; and find out what you can do on a personal level. We’d love to hear your ideas and see any old photos you have of previous flooding.


  • Share your knowledge of local flood history
  • See what has been done to reduce the risk of flooding since 2007
  • Find out about Natural Flood Management and share your ideas
  • Explore how flooding can be managed using our interactive tools
  • What can you do in your garden? Bring along soil from your garden for testing!
  • Learn about Rain Gardens with Thames Water (as at Chelsea Flower Show)
  • High Water Common Ground: watch a film about flooding and what we can do now


  • Yourself, your knowledge and ideas
  • Your photos of local flood history (optional)
  • A handful of air-dried soil from your garden in a bag or container (optional)


  • Collect a handful of soil from your garden. Put the soil into an open container or unsealed bag and leave it to dry out in the air for 3 – 4 days. If possible, leave the soil above the heating or in a sunny place to speed up the air-drying process. Bring the air-dried soil to the event in a bag or container for testing


  • Bring any photos or images you have which document local flood history in the Pang Valley. Photos can be in any format you have, such as newspaper clippings, digital or printed photos


  • Explore how the Pang Valley Flood Forum Defra NFM project could help to reduce flood risk in the Pang Valley using interactive modelling tools
  • Share your views on different Natural Flood Management measures and what you would like to see in the Pang Valley. We will use this information to do some future modelling work to explore the options you would like us to test
  • Soil testing. Bring along a handful of dried soil from your garden and find out how well it can help to reduce flooding by management
  • Local flood knowledge. We need your help to better understand how flooding occurs in the Pang Valley to test how well our models are working. Take part in our community participatory mapping work to share your knowledge
  • Contribute to our timeline of flood history in the Thames over the last 1000 years
  • ‘Draw me your local river’ arts session
  • Build your own flood defences for Pangbourne in Lego – what would you use, nature or hard engineering?

EVENT DETAILS: Saturday 16th March, 10:30 – 15:30pm, Pangbourne Village Hall, Pangbourne RG8 7AN.

For more information, please contact: Kay Lacey | Pang Valley Flood Forum | www.floodalleviation.uk | 07889 231136 | kay@laceysmk.plus.com

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